Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My Best Learning

This is my camp Letter


E Sewell
18 Havelock Road
Havelock North

Dear  Eden

Thank you for taking me to camp and thank you for being a nice parent.   I liked it when you checked up on my group  I hope you came back to our camp again.
I liked it in your car because it was really fun. I hoped to get to go back in it each time we were going somewhere.

You are an awesome man. You were always there while we were all playing. I liked playing with you. You are cool.

Thank so so so much and I am sorry for you not going to work.  You might of  missed  the good parts!  Thank you for supporting my group. You are the coolest man. I hope it feels better at work,  making heaps of money.  

I enjoyed it with you and it was so cool to meet you. Thanks so so much for looking after my group. I won't  forget you .

Yours sincerely,
Ngakete Tangiia- Heremaia

I am proud of this because… I was proud of it because I enjoyed writing the story,

My biggest challenge was… it was hard a little bit but spelling was
very hard.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

MY First blog post 2016

Hi my name is Ngakete. My favorite sport is ripper rugby. I  am  9 year's old. My mum  is  happy and I am  going  to play  ripper rugby but sometimes I play  hockey too, but ripper rugby is my favorite sport.  It is like rugby but it is when you pull the tag of them, not tackle.

Me and my cousin have bean waiting for this all the time. I have played it at my old school and it was fun.  I  just  cant wait to play. It is going to be fun. I play t-ball but I kind of like it,  even my friend's are playing. I hope we can be on the same team.

Thank you for reading my post.